Toffa North

£1491.93 Retail Value - Pallet of Liquidated and Returned Stock Category £300 9/1/2023

Total Retail Price = £1,491.93 You Pay = £298.39

58 Items - 62% New / 37% Customer Returns

Pallet £300 to £400 - A pallet of items packed with a mix of overstock and returned items

No matter what size of pallet or box you purchase the contents will be a mix of overstock and returned items, all unsorted and untested 

Toffa are the only liquidators to show you the full manifest of items included

Know your numbers before investing your hard earned money, work out the potential profits.

Toffa are the only returns company to offer a full manifest so you can see what you are getting before handing over your money, many will offer you a black plastic wrapped "mystery box" that could contain anything, its a gamble. 

We can do a better price for half and full truck loads. Please email us with your chosen pallet numbers and shipping address and we will send you an invoice.

For manifest, please click here

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