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Become a Reseller - Be part of the “wholesale selling for profit” revolution, earn extra income and increase profits.

Buying bulk pallets and boxes, splitting then reselling is an excellent way to make a side income or even a full time business.

Lots of people are already doing it, so why shouldn't you?

Toffa Wholesale are the number one Amazon customer return and liquidation pallet sellers in the UK.

We are that confident in our pallets, we tell you exactly what's in them.

No other company does this! We only offer full inventory pallets, putting you in control. No gambling or lucky dips. 2 locations - Pontefract and Wolverhampton, or buy online at Tons of pallets to choose from, ranging from £300 - £700 Starter boxes available from £100 - £299.

Toffa Wholesale are happy too offer a “ToffaBox” to our reseller partners.

Resellers can either sell the entire box as it is at wholesale prices, or sell the items individually for extra profit.


The items are all Amazon overstock new items that you buy at a very low price for yourself and your buyer to make good profits reselling them, many customers sell online, on car boot sales or sell to family and friends.


If you are interested in becoming a Toffa Wholesale Reseller please submit the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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